How much is the shipping charge?

All international freight will be send by courier.
You have two possibilities:
You have an FedEx#?
=> Please add your FedEx# to the information on your order sheet. We will bill all shipping and custom charges to your FedEx#. This is probably the cheapest version.
You don`t have a FedEx#?
=> In this case we will prepay and add freight & insurance charges to the bill. Courier will be General Overnight or FedEx. The actual prices for gram quantities are:
30,- EUR for Germany
40,- EUR for old EU Europe
50,- EUR for Switzerland
60,- EUR for USA & Canada
120,- EUR rest of the world
The administrative work to ship some chemicals has grown up very fast in the last few years. Therefore we are forced to add an international handling charge of
20,- EUR
to each shipment.
We hope that our valued customers will show us understanding.

How can I pay?

Payment can be done either by check, by wire transfer or by credit card. The address for sending a check as well as the bank information is given on the invoice. The invoice will be send by all international orders by fax and by mail.